Why Agile Workforce Planning is Key to Organizational Success

“Agile workforce planning practices enable organizations to minimize risk (such as talent shortages) and capitalize on upside opportunity in an era of disruption.”

Business agility is no longer for the brazen few. Rapid technology change, shifting demographics, competitive markets, and other trends have necessitated new types of business structures that are optimized for adaptability. This is supported by a critical element that is often overlooked: agile workforce planning.

In short, to have a responsive workforce, the process that supports this–workforce planning–needs to be adaptable itself.

Typically, workforce plans are executed on an annual basis, with budgets firmly set for the year. This may have been sufficient in an era when markets were more predictable. But when there are sudden changes in immigration policy, or a new digital-driven competitor emerges mid-way through the fiscal year, it can be difficult to change course.

You can read the full article by Ian Cook here.

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