HR Analytics Forum Launch Conference Announced

We are delighted to be starting our new forum with a conference planned for 5th September 2018.

We will be partnering with leading HR conference and training provider Symposium for ‘Mission Critical HR Analytics‘.

This conference will examine best practice and new trends in HR analytics at a critical moment for the profession. In the 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Survey, the number of respondents who viewed people analytics as important for their business rose to an all-time high of 85 percent, but only 42 percent saw their business as ready for this new age of “people data”. At the same time, recent high-profile data breaches have caused growing concerns about data protection and security, and HR professionals increasingly have to manage the risks of data collection as well as employees’ demands for transparency. This conference will explore these new trends and offer insights on key issues facing HR professionals today, including:

  • Fulfilling potential: How have industry leaders managed to unlock the potential of data analytics for their businesses?
  • Change management: What are the key principles for success in building and developing effective HR analytics teams?
  • Striking the balance: How can analytics be used in a way that delivers tangible results but also champions personal integrity and transparency?
  • Big data, good data: What is best practice for sourcing, storing and maintaining data in the light of GDPR and rising demands for data protection?
  • Branching out: How can HR professionals align their analytics schemes more closely with the overall business strategy to secure sustained support from executives?

The conference will offer case studies and practical examples, equipping participants with tangible lessons for their own HR analytics journey. You will have the chance to discuss current issues and practical problems with HR analytics experts and engage in interactive knowledge-share sessions. There will also be plenty of opportunities for networking with colleagues and leading HR analytics professionals.

We are currently researching speakers and topics – if you’d like to get involved please use the form here.

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