How to Leverage Data to Improve Your Hiring Process and Attract Talent

According to Harvard Business Review, top performing organizations are 5 times more likely to use data to make decisions—a big step in the right direction from the way we historically gathered and used data. Data is no longer used as a supplement for decisions, it is used to empower us to make those decisions. It is used to spearhead change and make driving decisions that can affect a company’s future.

Data has come a long way — what was once seen as just groupings of numbers and percentages in spreadsheets and simple graphs, has now skyrocketed into an intricate and engaging process involving data visualization charts, complex figures, and entire presentations that compile numbers from across your business and analyze them in a way that actually makes sense. We now have the power to use data not just to reflect, but to move forward.

Given the low unemployment rate, there is intense competition in the job market. Companies across the US are looking for ways to standardize their hiring processes and try more innovative methods to attract and hire the best candidates. Businesses that leverage data are achieving some impressive results.

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